Deadlines Extended for CRW Competitions!

In order to give everyone more time to revise and prepare their work for review, the deadlines for The Traveler and the district wide Creative Writing Competition have been extended by two weeks. The new deadline for both competitions is Friday, December 4th.

Traveler Train 2015

Act fast. You have only a couple weeks left to submit to The Traveler, GCC’s creative arts magazine. Our readers are primed, ready, and already digging through submissions, but they want more. More of your poems, stories, creative essays, flash pieces, and one-act plays. Head over to to view the full requirements and submit your creative work.

MCCCD Competition 2015

The district wide Creative Writing Competition deadline matches that of The Traveler. You have until 10:59PM on Friday, December 4th to submit your creative work. The winning entries go onto the national competition hosted by the League of Innovation. At both levels, the winning students will win cash awards and be published. At the district level, we publish a very nice paperback book of all first through third place entries.

Go to to view full requirements and walk through the process of submitting your work.

Things to Know:

  • The deadline for The Traveler and the district competition is Friday, December 4th by 10:59PM. As Geico and the band Europe can attest, we are now in the final countdown.
  • The district creative writing competition awards $300 for first place, $200 for second place, and $100 for third place.
  • For submitting to The Traveler, you must have an active GCC email account. It is required by the submission page.
  • For submitting to the district competition, you must be an active student in the district, and you must create a CaFE account to submit your entries. Instructions for creating this account can be found at the submission page.
  • Both competitions require you to submit your work electronically. There are no physical submissions.
  • You are allowed to submit to both competitions at the same time. So, if you are submitting a short story, for example, you can submit it to both The Traveler and the district competition. Do not be shy.
  • The Traveler now has a separate category for flash fiction, so if you are worried about your shorter, experimental work not fitting into the short story category, do not fret! The Traveler readers take all kinds.
  • Every story, poem, creative essay, or play left sitting in a drawer or on a hard drive–never to be read by anyone else–contributes to global warming, increases our national debt, causes gingivitis, makes young children cry, deprives puppies of their innocence, and makes the eyes of your significant others stray towards younger and more vibrant versions of yourselves. These are facts*, people.

*These are not facts.

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