Flash Fiction: September 13, 2014

About 30 people attended the Sept 13, 2014 workshop on Flash Fiction presented by Gary Lawrence/GCC Faculty, ENG/CRW. 

Materials presented at the workshop included:

flash fiction_lawrence_140913  — run in slide show to get the full effect

flash fiction_article links — reference materials used for presentation

Stories presented for learning/discussion cannot be placed here (online) because of copyright restrictions (electronic distribution).  The flash fiction stories discussed were:

“August Evening” — Joyce Carol Oates

“How to Touch a Bleeding Dog” — Rod Kessler

“Sandy” — Brian Doyle

“The Stones” — Richard Shelton

“Chapter VII” — Ernest Hemingway, from In Our Time


Sara Dobie Bower, CRW Certificate student, says her favorite places to go for/to submit flash fiction are:

Molotov Cocktail (publisher of her piece,  “You Need My Shit”)

Stoneslide Corrective (Sara’s getting published there Sept. 29!)


Shotgun Honey

Google “flash fiction” for other flash fiction magazines, contests, and submission opportunities.  Gary Lawrence has submitted Flash Fiction stories to Gulf Coast Magazine (Donald Barthelme Prize), and notes that “Arts and Letters” is now accepting Flash Fiction.

The original announcement for the workshop can be found here.

Gary Lawrence’s bio can be found here.

Gary’s writing website can be accessed here.



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