Tonight! Open Mic, L.M. Reker, & Traveler Readers


Don’t forget our first Wednesday night reading is tonight, September 20th. We’ll have an open mic for anyone who wishes to share what they’re writing or reading or contemplating. We’ll have a few Traveler winners from last year to regale us with their published work. We’ll have author L.M. Reker to read from his published novels.

Light refreshments will be provided, along with copies of  the Traveler, GCC’s Arts & Literary Magazine.

The fun begins at 7PM on GCC’s Main Campus, in SU104.

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September Open Mic: Featuring L.M. Reker & Traveler Winners

We know we’ve spent some time apart of late, Wednesday. First it was Tuesday that came between us, and then the summer months with their delirium-inducing heat. There arose in us the notion (far-fetched, we know that now) that Wednesday night readings were antiquated, a thing of the past, a glory day from a touch-too-long Springsteen concert, a near-real picture of you inside Robert Smith’s damp and neglected photo albums, Bryan Adams’ little-known second real six-string from 1972. As the great balladeers Skid Row once sang, “Remember yesterday, walking hand in hand. Love letters in the sand, I remember you.”

Well, Tuesday is gone, things done changed, and we remember you, Wednesday.

To celebrate the reborn commitment to our sacred union, we’re having a reading on–you guessed it–Wednesday. There’ll be an open mic, readings from our most recent Traveler winners, and excerpts from our featured reader L.M. Reker. Come to read, come to listen,  come to make semi-obscure references, come to dramatically perform lyrics to forgotten songs about love and nostalgia. There’s something for everyone!

  • When: Wednesday, September 20th from 7:00 to 9:00PM.
  • Where: GCC Main Campus, SU104.
  • Why: Because if society accepted Skid Row as artistic talents, it sure as hell will accept you!


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Saturday Workshop: How To Make Your Writing MOVE

Creative Writing is one of those “good news/bad news” situations.  The good news is that every writing tool you know and use can help make a story or poem or novel “move” more.  The bad news is that every writing tool you know and use can ALSO make the movement and momentum of a story or poem or novel simply shudder limply and grind quite unmajestically to a stop.

All your writing tools, by definition, slow your writing down – because, by definition, they all use up the reader’s time and space and energy and attention. How you choose to manage that movement and momentum (ultimately your readers’ time and attention) are the keys to a better literary piece.

Explore how to establish and maintain movement and momentum in your writing to your advantage.  In this workshop you’ll be exposed to several writing techniques that improve motion and momentum, and do a few short writing exercises yourself to get the feel for how a few of these techniques  work and/or “fit” your writing (time permitting). Much of the focus for this workshop is on dialogue and description.


This workshop is free and open to the public. Breakfast pastries will be provided, but bring your own caffeine!

  • What & Who: Creative writing workshop, “How To Make Your Writing MOVE” will be conducted by Gary Lawrence, short story author and creative writing instructor.
  • When: Saturday, September 9th from 9:30AM to 11:30AM.
  • Where: GCC Main, Room LA-141.
  • Why: Because you REALLY don’t have anything better to do.

Gary Lawrence teaches composition and creative writing for GCC and Cochise College.  He holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Vermont College of Fine Arts. He published an anthology of short stories in 2013 called Baffled. Gary has given several workshops at GCC before, with topics ranging from “Time in Fiction” to “Short Story Sequences” to “Writing Style.” Most recently Gary has published fiction and CNF  short stories in Canyon Voices (ASU West’s Literary Ezine) and Cochise College’s Mirage.   Gary currently lives in Sierra Vista and teaches CRW170/270 online for GCC.

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Poetry Book Launch for Finally, the Moon


Please join GCC’s own Kimberly Williams for the launch of her book of poetry, Finally, the Moon.

  • When: Friday, June 9th at 7PM.
  • Where: {9} The Gallery in Phoenix.
  • Why: Because it’s Kimberly! Congratulations!
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April Open Mic & Social Justice Reading

Poetry Flyer 2

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Call for Submissions: Four Chambers

From our friends at Four Chambers comes a wonderful opportunity for ambitious writers:

FC 05 Call B

“Literally, Four Chambers is a small press and independent community literary magazine based in Phoenix, AZ. Figuratively, we’re a heart. And despite all the puns—or precisely because of them—we take that figure very seriously. While we’re interested in publishing a variety of contemporary literature from new and emerging writers that gets at, somehow, what it means to be human, we don’t like to think of ourselves as writers, we’re human beings, and we’re more interested in using creative writing to advance discourse, develop relationships and build community than we are in publishing. But we’re still publishing. Also, a heart.”

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Saturday Workshop: “Style” Takes Your Writing From Good to Great

“From Good to Great” was a highly-acclaimed management book in the 1990s. But advancing your business or your writing from good to great takes a lot of work.

A LOT of work.

We writers don’t talk about style much – but we should. All things being equal, writing style is what separates good writing from great writing. Whether it’s prose or poetry, writing style is the Great Differentiator. Your theme, plot, setting, characters can all be perfect and complementary even – supportive of one another – but without an almost invisible “assist” from the Writing-Style gods as well, you can have a good but mediocre result instead of a heart-stopping, bone-chilling, throat-gagging, head-pounding, breath-taking great result.

Defining exactly HOW writing style achieves this “over the top” push is a little like that well-worn definition of pornography: “I’ll know it when I see it.” But not quite. Come explore and analyze examples of where writing style makes all the difference — with Gary Lawrence, short story author and GCC creative writing instructor. Identify and take away a handful of writing style tips and techniques that can make or break your writing – whether you’re a beginner or a pro.


Gary Lawrence teaches composition and creative writing at GCC and Cochise College. His short stories have been published in The Rockford Review, Short Story America anthologies, Four Chambers (Phoenix Community Arts magazine), Mirage (literary arts magazine of Cochise College) and Canyon Voices (literary magazine of ASU West). He is a frequent workshop leader at GCC and in Sierra Vista AZ, where he lives now with wife Linda. Gary has been interviewed by NPR for his short story collection Baffled (2013), and in 2016 won first place in Cochise County for his flash fiction piece “BJ.” He has a BA in English from Rockford College and an MFA in writing from Vermont College of Fine Arts (Montpelier).

  • What & Who: Achilles Heel? Or Sweet Spot? Or, The X Factor? “Style” Takes Your Writing From Good to Great will be conducted by Gary Lawrence
  • When: Saturday, April 8th from 9:30AM to 11:30AM.
  • Where: GCC Main Campus, LA-141
  • Why: Because looking good is half the battle.
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