GCC CRW Faculty

The writers-turned-teachers at GCC are a dedicated bunch that are not only accomplished, but who can also help you get your thoughts down on paper and get those thoughts better organized for that elusive “total unified effect” on your reader. Your CRW instructors have (1) a terminal degree in creative writing or (2) a master’s in the discipline and work published in reputable national and/or international publications.

Jeff Baker (fiction)

Mark Broeske (fiction)

Johnny Clemmens May (poetry)

Jayme Cook

Gary Lawrence (fiction)

David Martinez (fiction, nonfiction)

Virgil Mathes (fiction, drama)

David Nelson (fiction)

Jeff Sanger (fiction)

John Ventola (poetry/fiction)

Mark Viquesney (Screenwriter)

Betsey Wheeler (journaling)

Laura White (poetry/fiction/creative non-fiction)

Kimberly Williams (poetry)


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