David Martinez


David Martinez is a writer and teacher at Glendale Community College, where he was formerly a student. David is half-American half-Brazilian and has lived throughout the US, Puerto Rico, and Brazil. He has dual citizenship between the US and Brazil and speaks Portuguese and Spanish besides his native English. David has an MFA from the University of California Riverside. As an adjunct at GCC, he was given the 2018-2019 Outstanding Adjunct Faculty Award by the Maricopa Community College District. David also has experience working with underprivileged children and youth and has worked as a substitute teacher at a Title 1 elementary and middle school in Tolleson, Arizona, while studying for his MFA. David’s essays often explore his multicultural background and his own experiences with displacement, mental health, addiction, and family. His fiction is often strange, focusing on characters who search for the beautiful in inimical environments. His work has been published by Charge Magazine, Automata Review, Anti-Heroin Chic, Writers Resist, and Broken Pencil. His essay, “Just a Flesh Wound,” was nominated for a 2019 Best of the Net Award.