Workshop Materials

How to “Get More” Out of Any Literature, by Gary Lawrence (2/9/2019)

How to Make Your Stories Move (Better), by Gary Lawrence (9/9/2017)

The Art of Syntax, or How to Write a Sexy Sentence, by Jayme Cook (3/25/2017)

  • Google Slides presentation can be found here.

Characterization: Populating Your World with Realistic People, by Mark Broeske (11/5/2016)

Flash Fiction, by Gary Lawrence (9/13/2014)

  • Presentation Materials
  • Story List (links unavailable due to copyright restrictions
    • “August Evening”, by Joyce Carol Oates
    • “How to Touch a Bleeding dog”, by Rod Kessler
    • “Sandy”, by Brian Doyle
    • “The Stones”, by Richard Shelton
    • “Chapter VII”, by Ernest Hemingway, from In Our Time

Managing Time in Fiction, by Gary Lawrence (10/2013)