Hemingway Competition Deadline Extended to May 20, 2014

This just in from Lorian Hemingway competition. See http://www.shortstorycontest.com for submission details, et al.

Dear Writers,

During the late deadline crunch we have received a number of requests from writers asking if they may resubmit revised manuscripts. This applies both to online submissions and by-mail submissions. We do not charge for these resubmissions, and we are happy to accommodate all writers who inadvertently send the wrong draft, the wrong manuscript, etc. We have been asked if writers may resend their manuscripts because of a typo or a misspelling or an error in punctuation. Please know that we do not disqualify any manuscript for these errors, nor will we ever. Because deadlines are both invigorating – and also looming – for any writer, we hope to ease the tension a bit by extending the deadline to May 20. Again, please know that no manuscript will be disqualified for the above-mentioned errors, nor for inadvertent errors in grammar. We seek fresh new voices, NOT technically perfect works that engage the fear factor rather than the writer’s imagination and craft. So fret not. Take this extra time to polish your story to your liking. But if you spot an error please rest assured that your story will not be scrapped. To the contrary: it will be given the full attention it so truly deserves. This extension applies to all by-mail submissions as well. As always, we wish the very best of luck to all who enter.


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