The CRW Saturday Workshop Series continues in Spring 2015 with even more exciting workshops. All workshops take place in LA-141 at GCC Main from 9:00 AM to 11:30 AM unless otherwise advertised. Light refreshments are provided.

* 7 February – “Ink, Inspiration and Image–Using Drawing Prompts to Generate Ideas for Writing,” presented by Johnnie Clemens May, GCC CRW/English Faculty and Poet, and Dorothy Stewart, Visual Artist and Poet.

* 7 March – “This Title is Not Yet Viewable,” presented by Jeff Baker, GCC CRW/English Faculty Guy

* 28 March 2015 – “Objectifying Your Poem: So Much Depends Upon the ‘Thing’,” presented by Shawnte Orion, Free Association Host and Poet, and Jia Oak Baker, English Faculty and Poet.

* 11 April 2015 – “Using Poetry to Capture Place,” presented by Kimberly Mathes, GCC Faculty and Poet.


Join the Rorschach Poets on the third Wednesday of every month for the Free Association Poetry and Prose Open Mic Series from 7 to 9:30 p.m.  Please note location below. The free event brings celebrated writers of poetry, fiction, and non-fiction to local residents, students, staff, and faculty. The event is open to the public. During the open mic session, the audience is invited to present all styles and stages of writing.

Mark Your Calendar! Make sure you note that a few of the events do not fall on the third Wednesday because of holidays and breaks in the GCC academic calendar. They do, however, occur on a Wednesday.

21 January (SU-104) * 18 February (SU-104) * 25 March (SU-104) * 15 April (MA-142) * 20 May (TBD) * 17 June (SU-104)


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