Free Association Open Mic Poetry and Prose Series This Wednesday, 25 March, 7 PM, SU-104!

/*** Free Association Open Mic Poetry and Prose Series***/

Featuring Four Chambers Press

Wednesday, March 25th, SU-104
at Glendale Community College

FREE and open to the public
open mic starts at 7pm

Four Chambers (founded June 2013) is an independent community literary magazine based in Phoenix, AZ whose mission is to give greater visibility to the literary arts and encourage their larger participation in the cultural scene. We don’t have a specific aesthetic or agenda. We publish work from authors who are established, emerging, unknown, simply uninterested, or don’t even think of themselves as authors in the first place. We are vague in our descriptions. We like doing things. We organize relatively non-traditional events and readings that help bring people together, collaborate with other artistic disciplines and work towards the creation of a meaningful and relevant public art.

4C home page

Hosted by Shawnte Orion and the Glendale Community College English Department.

Main Campus map (.pdf)


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