Saturday Morning Workshop–This Saturday! Join us!

Next workshop:  Saturday, October 10, begins at 9 AM in LA 141 on GCC’s Main Campus  

Dr. Virgil Mathes — The Nitty Gritty: Research and Creative Writing        

Virgil Mathes and Josie

How do writers find out the nitty gritty details that sometimes come up in our fiction (Could you really DO that with a sucking chest wound? . . .  How do you make a bomb?)

How do writers know all that they need to know to make their stories (and poems and scripts, etc.) believable and authentic?  Dr. Mathes will discuss, in his usual lively manner, different methods for finding out this kind of information that will make your settings and plots authentic.

The CRW Saturday Workshop takes place in LA-141 at GCC Main from 9:00 AM to 11:30 AM. Light refreshments are provided.  Bring your own water and coffee.

for more information on Dr. Mathes:


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