Narrative 30 Below Contest

The deadline for Narrative Magazine’s 30 Below Story & Poetry Contest is coming up soon! Due by midnight on November 19th, the writing contest is eligible to ‘all writer, poets, visual artists, photographers, performers, and filmmakers between eighteen and thirty years old.’ Potential awards include $1500 for first prize, $750 for second prize, $300 for third prize, and $100 for ten different finalists.

For all you young people not yet overtaken by wrinkles, joint pain, and the cynicism of age, get cracking and get submitting!


One thought on “Narrative 30 Below Contest

  1. Cynthia Herda November 20, 2021 / 12:08 am

    It’s not 30 below. My body’s not frozen. Somethin’ ain’t right If I can’t be chosen. But I will step aside let the young ones rantI might be getting olderBut don’t tell me I can’t. Can’t really meansA reason not to tryDon’t bury me yet.Don’t clutter my sky. The sky’s the limitMy mama always saidNever stop reachingUntil you are dead.  AND I AIN”T DEAD YET! This was written by C. Herda on 11/20/2021. I am a GCC Alumni, who’s life was changed, when I engaged, at GCC. Good luck, young ones! Let your voices be heard!!!!!!!

    P.S. Thanks for keeping me connected! Gaucho for Life!

    Cynthia G Herda, RN, Phone: (740) 617-7871

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