Summer CRW at GCC

CRW Summer Info

Introduces the student to elements and techniques of creative writing in a variety of genres; teaches terminology and concepts needed for successful participation in writing workshops; facilitates writing practice and evaluation; offers individual guidance on the student’s development as a writer. Prerequisites: None.

*Try a variety of genres and earn three credits in one month.*

Class# Location Delivery Days Times Instructor
10942 HT2-150 In Person M-TH 11:20AM- 1:20PM Kimberly Mathes

NOTE: The summer 2016 CRW 150 course will be offered with two (free!) Saturday morning Creative Writing workshops, one in June and one in July.  These are completely optional and meant to complement the classes. The main course will run from 5/31/2016 through 6/30/2016.

Contact Kimberly Mathes at for more information.


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