Creative Writing Events Cancelled

As many of you have already heard, GCC and the Maricopa County Community Colleges District have taken steps to prevent the spread of Covid-19. These steps include the extension of spring break for students by one week, and the implementation of distance/online learning for our classes thereafter. If you are a student at GCC or another college within the district, please check your student email for official communication from the district.

As you might expect, then, we are cancelling/postponing all of our creative writing events for the foreseeable future. That includes:

  • The Humorous Poetry Contest & Traveler Celebratory Reading, currently scheduled for March 18th, has been postponed indefinitely.
  • Our student Writing Club will not meet. Use the Discord channel if you would like to stay in touch with each other and share work.
  • Our Saturday Workshop planned for March 21st has been cancelled. The April workshop is still TBD.

Details about rescheduling postponed events will be provided once they are available. If you have any questions about creative writing events at GCC, please contact


Course Spotlight: CRW251 – Worldbuilding

In Spring 2019, we’re trying out a brand new class. This one focuses on the process of worldbuilding–the development of fictional worlds within which to set your creative endeavors. We’ll look at existing worlds from a variety of media–literature, film, comics, gaming, roleplaying–in order to derive replicable strategies and skills we can then use in our own creative work. As best we can, we’ll also take guidance and inspiration from the real world and from history, hoping to create memorable and immersive worlds of our own to explore.

CRW251 – Worldbuilding is a multi-genre course, so writers and participants of all kind are welcome. Novelists, comics, filmmakers, poets, gamers, and all others looking for a creative outlet are welcome here.  Throughout the semester, we’ll collaborate on some projects, work solo on others, and ultimately develop a supportive atmosphere to develop your creative pieces. As a hybrid course, we’ll meet face to face once a week (Thursdays from 10 to 11:15AM) and conduct other business online.


November Events & Highlights

With October behind us, it’s time to look at all the great November events and news relevant to CRW at GCC.

Spring classes are open and ready to be filled. We have our usual stalwarts of CRW150, CRW160, and CRW170. Plus, we also have more unique and special offerings like CRW202: Witness Writing and CRW251 – Worldbuilding. Whether you’ve taken courses with us before, or you’re thinking of taking that first step, we have plenty to offer. See our full list of offerings and course descriptions here: Spring 2019 Classes.

Our final Saturday workshop for Fall 2018 lands this weekend on November 3rd. Laura White, in all her clever glory, presents Fight Die Love: The Hardest Scenes to Write.  In this workshop, which is free and open to all, Laura will talk about scene doctoring, making sure you get the most out of your prose, be it short-form fiction, long-form fiction, or creative nonfiction.

Our annual Poetry & Prose Slam falls on Wednesday, November 14th from 7 to 9PM. Come read your work, come win some money, and come have fun at GCC after dark. The competition is open to the public, GCC student and non-student alike. There’s money on the line! Stay tuned for more details and guidelines, coming very soon.

The Magical Library writing competition, put on by the kind and creative folks in GCC’s library, ends on Friday, November 2nd. They’re accepting short fiction, flash fiction, and poetry incorporating the theme of “magical library”–all interpretations welcome, but only GCC students may submit.

The Traveler, GCC’s Arts & Literary Magazine, is still accepting submissions for this year’s issue. The Traveler accepts short fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, and one-act plays, but only GCC students may enter. The deadline is November 18th! For full guidelines, and to submit online, head here: Submit to the Traveler!

And not to be outdone, the Maricopa Community Colleges are holding an even bigger contest: The District Writing Competition. If you’re a student at any of Maricopa’s community colleges, you’re eligible to enter. Much like The Traveler, you can submit your short fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, and one-act plays. So, whatever you decide to submit to the Traveler you should also submit to the District Writing Competition! Enter here!

Know of a creative writing or artistic event taking place in November? Let us know and we’ll add it to the calendar.

Course Spotlight: CRW202 – Witness Writing

As everyone goes through the process of determining their Spring schedules and registering for classes, we’d like to highlight some of our special creative offerings. The first course we’d like to spotlight is CRW202 – Witness Writing. This is an online course, taught by Kimberly Williams. View the flyer below for more information, and contact Professor Williams for questions, or if you have any trouble registering.


Still Some Classes Open for Spring!

As you finalize your schedules for the Spring, know that there are still seats available in some creative writing offerings at GCC in 2017. You can find out more information about the courses below by heading to GCC’s Find-a-Class or looking at our extended course descriptions here on the CRW blog. Register quickly or we might come to your house, pull up the shrubs, empty all the condiments from your refrigerator. Stuff like that, yeah.

  • CRW120: Introduction to Writing Children’s Literature. #13368. Renee Barstack.
  • CRW220: Intermediate Writing Children’s Literature. #13453. Renee Barstack.
  • CRW150 (at GCC North): Introduction to Creative Writing. #28938. Mark Broeske.
  • CRW160: Introduction to Writing Poetry. #13276. Kimberly Mathes.
  • CRW260: Intermediate Poetry Writing. #13327. Kimberly Mathes.
  • CRW251: Topics in Creative Writing (Prose, Poetry & Flash Fiction). #28975. Kimberly Mathes.
  • CRW272 (Online): Planning and Structuring the Novel. #13314. Jeff Baker.



Welcome Back! Now Go Register!

Welcome back to yet another year of creative writing at Glendale Community College. Over the Fall and Spring semesters, we will continue our Saturday Workshop Series, our Open Mic readings, and our support of Midnight Metaphors and The Traveler. We’ll have more information on these activities soon, as well as some other ideas and collaborations we’ll be putting into practice for the 2016/2017 year!

Also, there are still seats available for some of our CRW offerings in the Fall, so register now. The proverbial and literal clock is ticking. For a full list of available CRW classes, head here, to GCC’s Find a Class.

  • CRW150 (Intro to Creative Writing) – MW Hybrid – 12:00-12:50PM – GCC Main – Kimberly Mathes
  • CRW150 (Intro to Creative Writing) – TTH – 10:00-11:15AM – GCC North – Mark Broeske
  • CRW160 (Intro to Poetry) – TTH – 11:30-12:45PM – GCC Main – John Ventola
  • CRW170 (Intro to Fiction) – TTH – 1:00-2:15PM – GCC Main – Jeff Baker
  • CRW260 (Intermediate Poetry) – TTH – 11:30AM-12:45PM – GCC Main – John Ventola
  • CRW270 (Intermediate Fiction) – TTH – 1:00-2:15PM – GCC Main – Jeff Baker
  • CRW272 (Structuring the Novel) – Online – All GCC – Jeff Baker
  • CRW273 (Writing the Novel) – Online – All GCC – Jeff Baker
  • CRW274 (Revising the Novel) – Online – All GCC – Jeff Baker
  • ENG217 (Personal & Exploratory Writing) – MW – 1:00-2:15PM – GCC Main – Kimberly Mathes

If you have questions about any of these classes, see a class you want but it is full, or if you are not sure if the class is for you, do not hesitate to contact the instructors! We hope to see you in our classes, at our workshops, and at all of our open mics and readings.



Summer CRW at GCC

CRW Summer Info

Introduces the student to elements and techniques of creative writing in a variety of genres; teaches terminology and concepts needed for successful participation in writing workshops; facilitates writing practice and evaluation; offers individual guidance on the student’s development as a writer. Prerequisites: None.

*Try a variety of genres and earn three credits in one month.*

Class# Location Delivery Days Times Instructor
10942 HT2-150 In Person M-TH 11:20AM- 1:20PM Kimberly Mathes

NOTE: The summer 2016 CRW 150 course will be offered with two (free!) Saturday morning Creative Writing workshops, one in June and one in July.  These are completely optional and meant to complement the classes. The main course will run from 5/31/2016 through 6/30/2016.

Contact Kimberly Mathes at for more information.

There’s Still Time to Register!

The Spring 2016 semester is right around the corner, but there is still time left to register for creative writing goodness. There are only so many seats left, so don’t wait too long! Here is what’s on the docket for GCC in the Spring:

  • CRW120 – Introduction to Writing Children’s Literature
  • CRW150 – Introduction to Creative Writing
  • CRW160 – Introduction to Writing Poetry
  • CRW170 – Introduction to Writing Fiction
  • CRW190 – Introduction to Screenwriting
  • CRW220 – Intermediate Children’s Literature
  • CRW260 – Intermediate Poetry Writing
  • CRW270 – Intermediate Fiction Writing
  • CRW272 – Planning and Structuring the Novel
  • CRW273 – Writing the Novel
  • CRW274 – Revising the Novel
  • CRW290 – Intermediate Screenwriting

Find official course notes, meeting times, instructors, and open seats at GCC’s Find a Class. For additional course descriptions written by the instructors themselves, take a look at our Upcoming Classes page on the blog. If you find a course that you like but it’s full, email the instructor! We’re friendly people, so you might be able to get an override.

We hope to see you in some classes and at all of the great events we have planned for Spring!

Spring 2016 Creative Writing Classes! Registration–General Registration Begins Monday, October 12

General registration has begun for Spring 2016 at GCC. We are offering several creative writing classes, including:

  • CRW120 – Introduction to Writing Children’s Literature
  • CRW150 – Introduction to Creative Writing
  • CRW160 – Introduction to Writing Poetry
  • CRW170 – Introduction to Writing Fiction
  • CRW190 – Introduction to Screenwriting
  • CRW220 – Intermediate Children’s Literature
  • CRW260 – Intermediate Poetry Writing
  • CRW270 – Intermediate Fiction Writing
  • CRW272 – Planning and Structuring the Novel
  • CRW273 – Writing the Novel
  • CRW274 – Revising the Novel
  • CRW290 – Intermediate Screenwriting

There are a variety of online and in-person classes, and classes at both GCC Main and GCC North, so find the section that is the best fit for you. For full course descriptions, availability, instructor information, and class notes, visit our complete list of Spring 2016 creative writing courses.