District Writing Competition is Live!

Science Fact: 2 > 1

What’s better than one writing competition? Two writing competitions!

What’s better than two writing competitions? Three writing competitions! OK, you’re technically right. Three is better than two, but now you’re just being greedy. You’re going to live with two, and you’re going to like it. Or, you’re going to pretend you like it. When we walk past each other in the halls, share a table an an Open Mic, sit next to one another at a Saturday Morning Workshop, you’re going to smile and remark, “Yes, GCCAZCRW Blog, I do like two writing competitions. Also, that is a very long acronym, and it doesn’t particularly roll off the tongue. I sure hope there are snow cones here.”

And so it goes in civilized society.

Meanwhile, you’re going to submit your brilliant, creative, original work not only to The Traveler, but also to MCCCD’s District Writing Competition. Submission guidelines, eligibility rules, and instructions for the submission process can be found here: https://mcli.maricopa.edu/district-programming/district-fine-arts-program/creative-writing

The deadline for the district’s competition is eerily similar to the deadline for the Traveler, as if, perhaps, the two entities are colluding in some fashion. A joining, you might say. A convergence. That deadline is November 18th, 2016.

Any additional questions should be directed to Jeff Baker at jeffrey.baker@gccaz.edu.


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