Open Mic: Featuring Traveler Winners


Wednesday. The middle child of the weekday family. The forgotten one. Pessimistic and cynical. Overlooked, but for good reason. Wednesday is to blame for everything, after all. No new bike for you, Wednesday. No new clothes either. Monday’s will fit you. Monday, who came first. Monday, who blazed the trail, set the tone, went boldly into a world filled with fresh experiences and innumerable possibilities. And then there’s Friday–the baby, the one Aunt Saturday and Uncle Sunday give the extra toys and attention to, the one everyone still thinks is cute and fun and worth their time.

Well, we here at GCC think you’re adorable, Wednesdays. So adorable, in fact, we’ve chosen to hold all of our open mics right there, atop your wee forehead. And our next open mic is special: We’re featuring writers published in our most recent issue of the Traveler magazine. 

So, come out to GCC,  share your work, and then listen to the fantastic pieces published in the Traveler.

  • When: Wednesday, October 19th from 7:00PM to 9:30PM.
  • Where: GCC Main Campus, SU104.
  • Why: Because Wednesday’s feelings will be hurt if you don’t come.

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