Saturday Workshop – Characterization: Populating Your Fictional World with Realistic People

Missed the workshop and want to see some of what Mark had to offer? Attended the workshop, but want to refresh your memory on some of Mark’s book selections and concepts? Head over to Workshop Materials and peruse the content covered in the workshop.

Have you ever read a book, watched a show, or sat through a movie and thought any of the following?

  • “Who does that? Real people don’t act like this!”
  • “I can’t keep track of these people. What’s his name is with what’s her face? Who’s that guy?”
  • “All of these characters could die in a fiery plane crash and I wouldn’t care.”

The fictional world may be fascinating, the conflicts may be intense, and the writing may be beautiful, but without fully realized characters to follow and root for, the story is ultimately doomed. Don’t fret, however. You can build unique and complex characters! Moreover, you can create characters with their own drive and will so that they surprise even you, the writer. Come join us or a free workshop to help breathe life into characters you will want to save from a plane crash.

  • What & Who: “Characterization: Populating Your Fictional World with Realistic People” will be conducted by Mark Broeske, GCC Creative Writing faculty.
  • When: Saturday, November 5 from 9:30 to 11:30AM.
  • Where: GCC Main Campus, LA-141.
  • Why: Did we mention it’s free?

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