Traveler Deadline Extended to December 2nd


Because we want more of your submissions, and because you want more time to submit your work, and because the all-seeing and all-powerful entity known as The Traveler wishes it so, we have decided to extend the deadline for Traveler submissions from November 18th to December 2nd. This is a two-week extension.

All hail The Traveler.

Additionally, we have added a newer, simpler method for submission that can be found directly on this blog. From the Traveler menu in the header of our blog, there is a new link from the drop down menu called Submissions. By following this link, you can fill out a quick form, upload your file, and receive confirmation. For a direct link to the form, rather than trying to navigate the menu, you can head here:

It’s important to mention that you can still use to submit your work, and if you have already submitted in that fashion, you work is safe and sound in the loving, caring arms of our overlord, The Traveler (all hail). This new method is simply a way to integrate the submission process more directly with the blog and allow for one-stop shopping.

So, you now have absolutely no excuse for failing to submit. Ignore The Traveler (all hail) at your peril, for It is a just but merciless entity.


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