District Writing Competition Extended to Nov. 28th

In an effort to give writers more time to revise and submit their work, the District Writing Competition has extended its submission deadline to November 28th. This is a ten-day extension. For more information about submission guidelines, and to submit your work directly, please follow this link: https://mcli.maricopa.edu/district-programming/district-fine-arts-program/creative-writing

Now, those of us at The Traveler don’t want to act all superior here, claiming that the District is a bunch of copycats and pointing out how we extended our deadline first, but, well, we did. The power of The Traveler is far greater, it seems, than anyone ever knew.

So, for those keeping score:

  • The deadline for the District Writing Competition is now November 28th.
  • The deadline for GCC’s Traveler contest is now December 2nd.

Email Jeff Baker at jeffrey.baker@gccaz.edu if you have any questions or fashion tips.


2 thoughts on “District Writing Competition Extended to Nov. 28th

  1. cyn2069717 November 17, 2016 / 8:56 pm

    Sweater with horizontal red and white stripes and shave the sides of your head, just an inch above the ear.

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