Tonight! 7 p.m. Celebrate Poetry at GCC

Annual Glendale Community College White Elephant Poetry Exchange

 TONIGHT!!!   Celebrate Poetry!!!

When: Weds., Dec. 9th at 7:30 p.m.
Where: GCC, Main Campus, Room MA 142

Hosted by Shawnte Orion

What: Come prepared to read some of your favorite poems. Bring a used book of poetry to exchange, or come without a book and just recite your favorite poem from memory.

Note: This event is not an open mic. The next open mic at GCC will be January 20, 2016.

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One Response to Tonight! 7 p.m. Celebrate Poetry at GCC

  1. cyn2069717 says:

    While Shawnte and the others brought some great books, I was quite disappointed at the turn out. Other than the 3 students that were there for extra credit, I was the only student that was there for the poetry. I was hoping to see some of those passionate poets I saw two weeks ago at the Creative Writing Slam. I guess they were passionate about the prizes not the poetry. Oh, well, maybe I’ll see more of you next year! Stay unique!

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